Hello. I’m Krzysztof. Thanks for visiting my site.

Before deciding to become a freelancer, I worked for fifteen years (2000-2015) as an in-house translator for Dentons Europe Oleszczuk Sp. k. (formerly known as Salans D. Oleszczuk Kancelaria Prawnicza Sp. k.), currently the largest law firm in Poland. During that period, I translated countless documents across a wide range of legal areas, in addition to texts relating to business, finance, accounting and marketing, among others.

In 2004 I became a certified translator, authorized to perform certified (“official”) translations, i.e. translations with an “affidavit” or “certificate of accuracy,” stating that the translation performed is a true version of the original.

Before that – in the 1990s – I spent ten years in New York City teaching English as a foreign language, performing various translation/interpreting services for an immigration law firm and translating Polish literature into English.

I have a Master’s degree in English from Poznan University.

Here is a list of my published translations:

  • United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) (2007), Biuletyn Arbitrazowy 4, pp. 53-71, LexisNexis, Warsaw 2007 – in collaboration with Piotr Nowaczyk and Andrzej Kakolecki;
  • IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration, Biuletyn Arbitrazowy 4, pp. 37-53, LexisNexis, Warsaw 2007 – in collaboration with Piotr Nowaczyk;
  • IBA Guidelines on Conflicts of Interest in International Arbitration, Biuletyn Arbitrazowy 4, pp. 13-36, LexisNexis, Warsaw 2007 – in collaboration with Piotr Nowaczyk;
  • United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), UNCITRAL Notes on Organizing Arbitral Proceedings, Biuletyn Arbitrazowy 6, pp. 13-39, LexisNexis, Warsaw 2008;
  • ICC Arbitration Committee Report on Controlling Times and Costs in Arbitration, Biuletyn Arbitrazowy 7, pp. 27-55, LexisNexis, Warsaw 2008;
  • UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules (2010), Wydawnictwo C.H. Beck 2011, annotated by P. Nowaczyk, A. Szumanski, M. Szumanska;
  • IBA Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration (2010), Wydawnictwo C.H.Beck 2011.


As a translator, I guarantee top quality, availability, fast speed (if required), confidentiality and a fully professional approach toward the Client.

When not busy working, I pursue a wide variety of interests, which include literature, music, art, cinema, history, sports, cycling, sightseeing, mountain hiking, chess and, quite recently, blogging.



Document translation (including certified translations):


Judgments, statutes and regulations, legal opinions, litigation documents, memoranda, contracts and agreements, letters of intent, articles of association/charters, internal by-laws, notarial deeds, certificates and diplomas, wills, attestations, and many more;

Business and finance

Business plans, company documents, business correspondence, valuation reports, invoices, bills, financial statements, interim reports, and many more;


Presentations, folders, catalogs, brochures, market surveys, training materials, newspaper articles, and many more;


Interpreting during meetings with notaries, negotiations and business meetings, etc.


Document translation

One page of a certified (official) translation means 1125 characters (with spaces) of the translated document.

One page of any other translation means 1600 characters (with spaces) of the document submitted for translation.

For convenience, documents to be certified can be scanned and e-mailed to me. The original will be handed to me for inspection on delivery of the translation.

Any documents e-mailed to me for translation will always be confirmed by electronic mail. I will also confirm the charge and the deadline.

All translations will be delivered in person, by electronic mail or by courier. The costs of delivery will be borne by the Client.


I charge hourly rates varying according to the type of interpreting required. Travel time and expenses will be billed to the Client.

I always issue invoices, adding 23% VAT to the charge for all translation/interpreting services.


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The original is unfaithful to the translationJorge Luis Borges


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